We have great deals on wholesaling for any brick and mortar shop or online store. As with most bulk ordering the price drops with the more bottles ordered. Here at Tacticool Vapes we take pride in providing great juice as well as treating our customers right. This also extends to the stores that we work with. So any store that wishes to stock there shelves with our juice line can rest assured knowing that we will work with you to get a good price in order to turn a profit. Our prices are fixed but we will listen to and negotiate with acceptable offers. If you wish to be the exclusive carrier for our juice line in your area, we offer an exclusive range that will prevent a competitor from selling our juice across the street without paying full price. We know that we carry the absolute best flavors with the best ingredients but a store may be unwilling to or unable to purchase a large enough order to stock the shelves. If this is the case, we encourage you to inquire about a stock the shelves starter pack for stores purchasing from us for the first time. We will negotiate with you a price that can get our product flying off your shelves.

With looming regulations from the FDA, we are committed to complying in order to keep our product on the shelves while still fighting the horrible regulations. Every one of our flavors are currently being registered with the FDA. Our warning label is current with the regulations along with everything on the label. If interested in stocking your shelves with our great juice lines please call John at 847-323-8781 or email at tacticoolvapes@gmail.com